A Curated Community for the Modern CIO
The Pandemic led to the rise of the Modern CIO where they are more closely aligned to driving revenue than ever in history. Being surrounded by other forward-thinking leaders is essential and the CIO Insights Group was designed to help them deliver Speed to Value across an ever-changing technology landscape.
2021 Technology State of Disruption Report
The only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing... especially when it comes to the emerging technology landscape.

A Chicago-based Technology research and analytics firm interviewed over 500 IT Decision-makers to find out what emerging technologies were being adopted, at what rate, and across various industries in 2021.

This report can give Modern CIOs decision insights they need to continue their forward-looking journey of Digital Transformation and Speed to Value.

The CIO Insights Group will be delivering more reports like this on a quarterly basis.
What Can You Expect Inside the CIO Insights Group?
Exclusive Reports
We will release a new Research & Analytics report every quarter much like the State of Technology Report. These reports will be available to the CIO Insights Group immediately after publication.
Member Events
The team will survey the member body to determine the most relevant topics. From there, we will curate and host special virtual and live events for the CIO Insights Group.
Member Spotlights
Many members of the group are doing some amazing Digital Transformation projects within their organziations. We want to share their story with the rest of the members for all to learn and collaborate.
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